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Why we exist

Conquering public speaking nerves, one Zoom meet at a time.

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Becki, Max and Becca setup The Keynote Club in a bid to beat public speaking nerves. Fed up of letting it hold them back, they decided to embrace being out of their comfort zone. The more they spoke about public speaking, the more they realised how many other people are in the same boat.
So they set up a safe space for people to come together and practice talks, beat the butterflies and crack this whole public speaking thing. Since then, the Keynote Club has helped over 1000+ people (in 12 months!). We meet every other Thursday on Zoom, at 12-1pm. We’d love to see you there.
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The Keynote Club on Zoom

Our lovely founders

The Keynote Club on Zoom video conference

Take your practice up a level

Get involved with a speaking role at The Keynote Club

We’re always looking for lovely people to help us run The Keynote Club! There’s a range of roles available depending on how comfortable you are with public speaking from timekeeping to evaluating and through to the main talk itself.

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Do I have to speak at The Keynote Club?

We encourage everybody to speak at The Keynote Club but don't worry because it's a really safe and friendly environment. If you're feeling really nervous, message us beforehand or even during the session.

What happens at The Keynote Club?

We begin by asking any new faces to introduce themselves to the group before going into breakout rooms for Quickfire Talks. Designed to get you thinking on the spot, you'll have one minute to answer a question on a given theme. Once everybody's had their turn, we come back together for the Education Talk.

The Education Talk is a 5 minute talk from a member on anything public speaking related so be prepared to take notes! Next up it's the Main Talk which can be on any topic at all (we've had everything from pizza to pitches)

Do I have to come to every session?

Not at all. You can come to as many or as few Keynote Club sessions as you want to, just make sure you sign up beforehand.

The Keynote Club takes place every other Thursday between 12pm and 1pm.

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