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We’re always looking for lovely people to help us run The Keynote Club! There’s a range of roles available depending on how comfortable you are with public speaking.
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Roles for people of all comfort levels

Whether you're super nervous or super confident when it comes to public speaking, we've got roles to suit everyone.


If you're very nervous about public speaking, this role is perfect. No need to utter a single word. Just keep track of time for our quickfire hosts and help things run smoothly.


Quickfire Hosts

For those who have been coming for a while and feel ready to take on a role, this is a great place to start! You’ll be in charge of facilitating a breakout room and giving lots of encouragement to our Keynote Clubbers.


Education Talk Speaker

If you're quite confident with public speaking and have some valuable lessons to share, this role is a great fit. Give a 5-minute talk on any topic related to public speaking and inspire our audience with your knowledge!



In this role, you'll provide valuable feedback to our practice speaker on their talk. Let them know what they did well and offer suggestions for improvement. Your insights will be highly appreciated!


Practice Talk Speaker

Here's your chance to shine! Give a 5-7 minute talk on anything you're passionate about or use it as a practice platform for real-life speaking engagements. The stage is yours!

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Just want to attend The Keynote Club?

The Keynote Club takes place every other Thursday from 12pm until 1pm. It's a safe, friendly space for marketing folk to get their public speaking reps in and to get some tip tips from others on how to improve.


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Do I have to do a talk on public speaking?

No, there are two types of talks each week. The Practice Talk can be on any topic you like but the Education Talk should be about public speaking.

Some ideas include tips on speech structure, how to use hand movement when speaking, tonality, or it can be a personal story on how you deal with public speaking, whether that’s dealing with nerves, how you prep, anything that has made you a better public speaker

How do I do an evaluation?

We have an evaluation form that lets you know the things to look out for such as structure, tone, deck etiquette and use of filler words. A great way to practice your evaluation is to watch some TED talks and fill out the form.

Do I have to have a role?

No, you can simply attend but if you do want to volunteer for a role, you can do so here.

Which role is best for a nervous speaker?

It depends what your goals are. If you just want to practice talking in front of a group then being a Quickfire Host is perfect but if you have a specific talk that you'd like to get feedback on then taking on the Practice Talk is your best bet.

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